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The Finish

Several thin coats of hand rubbed varnish are applied over a period of a week. This results in a beautiful, durable, low maintenance finish that highlights the warmth and luster of the wood. It is a century old tried and true finish that will outlast the sprayed on plastic finishes commonly used today.

  In order to produce a finish entirely appropriate to the period in which the design was originally made, we have adopted a rich satin sheen, suggestive of the mellowness of age, rather than the gloss of newness.

Direct Sunlight

Do not expose furniture to continuous direct light. With extended exposure, ultraviolet rays can create hairline cracks in the finish or cause fading or darkening. Arrange your furniture away from direct sunlight and use window treatments to block the sun's rays.



The only maintenance necessary is to keep the dust at bay. Abrasive dust is a finishes worst enemy. Use a clean, soft, lint free cloth, such as an old white cotton t-shirt or cotton baby diaper. Moisten the cloth slightly with water, since a damp cloth cuts down on friction, is less likely to create scratches and holds dust. Do not let any moisture remain on the wood surface. When dusting, always pick up and replace your accessories gently. Avoid excessive scratching by lifting objects instead of dragging them across the surface.


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