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        Gordon Taylor, Craftsman        John Danner, Inventor
It all started with the discovery of an abandoned warehouse filled with hundreds of pianos..... Destined for the landfill, Gordon and his wife Martha rescued these once gorgeous relics and founded The Immortal Piano Company. Martha restored the insides and Gordon applied his talent to the woodworking and refinishing.

From there Gordon's talent of furniture restoration was discovered by several interior designers.

He was soon connected to the gamut of San Francisco designer showcases, centers and gallerias.   Sorely disappointed by flimsy construction methods of current furniture and inspired by the craftsmanship of the Victorian and the Arts and Crafts eras, Gordon turned his focus upon antique restoration. For years he studied classical methods of furniture construction and finishing. Realizing his vision reached farther than just fixing dilapidated relics he began the search for the design of furniture he would like to produce.

He inherited from his grandmother an amazing, seemingly self-propelled revolving bookcase made by John Danner in 1887. Being driven to find out how it turned so freely he tore the contraption down to the core and discovered a stunning, logical simple cast iron bearing. The design allowed the entire weight of the bookcase to hang and revolve from a single suspended point. Inspired by such ingenuity and integrity he recognized that this was the piece that needed a revival.

Gordon Taylor, left, and the core used in his revolving bookcases.
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