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These are solid hardwoods, not veneers. Built to endure, it is practical for the den, the study, the home workspace or the professional office.  

Walnut finds favor with those who are partial to deluxe editions. The decorative touch of aged brass effectively enhances the binding of cherished and rare collections.

Connoisseurs of the Arts and Crafts style will appreciate the simplicity, functionality, and elegance of the design.

Stability and Durability

Built to endure, it is practical for the living room, the study, the home office or the professional office. Being substantially constructed on a solid wood core and custom made cast iron hardware it is built to withstand the steady rhythm of habitual use.


The rotating cabinet can be placed just inches from a wall. It neatly files away the contents of a five foot wide bookcase into a thirty inch diameter circle giving it the capability to hold a surprisingly large volume of books in a compact area.

Convenience &

A large number of books are easily accessible within an arm's reach. Subjects file neatly into compartments that allow quick perusal as the case turns. It creates the possibility to have a bookcase anywhere in the room. This bookcase is in harmony with every homeowner's personal design aesthetic. From the very urban to an Arts and Crafts style, it perfectly compliments any scheme.

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